Pros and Cons to Biometric Security Systems for your Business, Corporation, and Facilities

As with any security system, there are certain advantages, as well as fallbacks. Biometric security is no different, and like all, is prone to shortcomings:


Individual characteristics are just that: individual. This makes it much harder to ‘break into’ a biometric system. It is much more difficult to recreate a biological characteristic than it is to duplicate a key, crack a code, or get your hands on a key fob.

Though the process of authentication may sound complicated, the user experience itself is very easy and convenient. There is no need to remember key codes or number combinations, and it is impossible to lose a key or access card since none exists.

With biometric systems, it is much easier to control who has access and when they have it. Simply deleting biometric data from data storage will ensure that that individual can no longer enter the facility or specific room, eliminating the risk of floating keys or cards.


As can be expected from the most high-tech security system, the cost for implementation is quite high when it comes to biometric systems. However, this is coupled with a high reduction in risk for your business and assets.

Additionally, privacy concerns can arise with biometric security. When a user’s individual facial features are scanned, they are converted into data and stored. This can pose a problem with regard to data breaches and surveillance. This data, if hacked or stolen, can be used to track a user rather effectively.

Though the biometric system is very powerful, it is still prone to bias, inaccuracy, and false positives. For example, if you were to injure the exact finger that is used in a fingerprint scan, this would create an issue. Additionally, individuals who are handicapped may not be able to provide the necessary data to log them into the system.


With all of this being said, it is ultimately up to the individual business owner to decide whether or not a biometric security system is the most optimal solution for their unique organizational needs. Furthermore, if you have any more questions regarding biometric security, or would like to schedule an appointment for a  FREE security audit or system installation, contact Pop-A-Lock Memphis experts today!  Call us 24/7 (901) 527-6736 roadside locksmith service.