Keeping Your Home Safe While You’re Away For the Holidays

The holidays are a time for family, friends, and, for many of us, travel. If you’re leaving for an extended period of time, it’s important to take some precautions to ensure your home is safe and secure while you’re away. Be sure to consult the tips below to help you prepare for your trip!

Install or Arm Your Security System

If your home is equipped with a security system, be sure to arm it before you leave. If you don’t have one, this season of holiday travel may be the perfect opportunity to get one installed. Burglary statistics suggest that homes without security systems are about 300 times more likely to be broken into than those with a system. Few safety measures can claim to be as effective.

But, if you can’t get one installed, consider simply placing a security system sign outside. Even just this visual representation of home security can make a would-be burglar think twice about targeting your home.

Lock All Doors and Windows

The most obvious way to secure your home is to make sure all the doors and windows are locked before you leave. Remember to check your basement or garage doors, as well as any doors that may lead directly outside.

A flimsy lock is no match for a determined burglar, so be sure your locks are in good working order and invest in high-quality deadbolts for your doors. It may also be worth considering electronic locks, both for their security and to help with the tip below.

Have Someone Check on Your Home or a Neighbor keep an eye out…

If you have a trusted contact in the area, it can be beneficial for many reasons to have them check on your home every so often while you’re away. This can be as simple as driving by and looking to see if anything appears out of the ordinary, but leaving a spare key behind or sharing the lock code so the friend or family member can enter your home if needed is a worthwhile extra layer of security.

Give the Impression You’re Inside

One of the most powerful ways to discourage someone from attempting to break in is to make them think there’s someone in the house. Having your home checked on while you’re away is one way to do this, but there are several other tricks to make it appear someone’s home even when they’re not.

Putting lights or TVs on a timer is one surefire way to give outside observers the idea that someone is home. If you have an existing daily schedule for times you already tend to use these appliances, it’s a great idea to set your timers to follow that schedule.

You should also take steps to avoid mail piling up outside while you’re away. Pausing your newspaper deliveries and arranging mail pickups, possibly by the same person who will be checking on your home, are two potential strategies. If you’ll be gone for an extended amount of time, you may also be able to temporarily forward your mail elsewhere for the duration of your trip.

Hide Your Valuables

If you store any expensive items or keepsakes in spots visible from an outside window, it’s certainly a good idea to hide them away while you’re gone. This can be as simple as shutting your blinds or curtains, but the best choice would be to have a water and fireproof safe to keep things in. If your valuables are small and easy to move, you could also consider giving them to a trusted friend or neighbor while you’re away.

Take Pictures Before You Leave

While this tip won’t prevent someone from breaking in, it can be a lifesaver if the worst-case scenario happens and there is an intruder while you’re gone. This photo proof of items that may have gone missing will save you the headache of attempting to itemize everything that was damaged or taken.

To go along with this, make sure your property or renter’s insurance policies are up to date before you leave. Again, this won’t keep away any unwanted attention, but it will make a world of difference if you need it.

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday!

Following these steps can help you fully enjoy your holiday without having to worry about what might be happening back home. We hope this article makes your trip as enjoyable and safe as possible.

From all of us at Pop-A-Lock Memphis, have a wonderful Holiday Season!

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