Highrise security: 5 ways to secure your home while living in a multi-dwelling property.

Everyone deserves to feel safe inside their homes, regardless of whether it is a single-family unit or part of a multi-dwelling complex. Security for these types of properties may look a little different, but the bottom line remains the same – keeping what matters most to you safe, accessible, and secure.
For those who live in multi-dwelling properties, here are 5 tips to help upgrade your home’s security.

  1. Rekey your unit.

It’s important to make sure that your unit is rekeyed upon move-in. Most landlords will do this automatically, but it doesn’t hurt to check – and if you happen to lose a key or feel the need to rekey again, working with your landlord can make this an easier process.

  1. Install a front door camera.

With front door cameras evolving at a steady pace, companies are now making renter-friendly door cameras that don’t require drilling and are less invasive to the building itself. Again, it’s a good idea to consult your landlord about this. These cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your doorstep when you’re away and can alert you of any activity near your front door.

  1. Keep your windows locked.

While this is especially true if you live on the ground floor of a building, it’s still important on any floor to keep windows closed and locked every time you leave the house or go to sleep. While many go the extra mile to secure their front door, it’s easy to open a window to let some air in only to forget about it later. You may not install burglar bars on windows or doors, and your landlord isn’t required to in most cases either, so your window locks are your main protection. Inspect window locks regularly, and if windows aren’t locking properly, immediately contact your landlord. It’s also a good idea to leave curtains closed when you’re not at home to prevent any snooping through your windows.

  1. There’s power in numbers.

One of the advantages of multi-dwelling living is that many people share a common space, meaning there is a general awareness of your surroundings. Knowing your neighbors allows you to keep an eye out for each other. Whether you’re dealing with a porch pirate or a more serious threat, having extra eyes on your floor can deter break-ins and keep you in the know about any suspicious activity in your building.

  1. Renter? Invest in renter’s insurance.

While preventative tips like this help lessen the chance of an intruder, there is unfortunately no foolproof guarantee that an accident won’t ever happen. You may want to consider the renter’s insurance, so in the unfortunate event of a break-in, you may be able to recover some of what is lost.

The bottom line

These strategies are just a few ways to proactively approach your home’s security and navigate the intricacies of multi-dwelling living with confidence. By implementing these practices, you not only safeguard your physical space but also cultivate a feeling of security inside the four walls of your home. For more information about how to secure your home while living in a multi-dwelling complex, call Pop-A-Lock Memphis or visit our website at https://popalockmemphis.com/residential-services/.

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