Frequently Asked Questions

 Where are you located?

We are a completely mobile locksmith company. We save you time and money in costly towing and dealership costs by coming to you.

Can I trust locksmiths?

Unfortunately, the locksmith industry has been plagued by people pretending to be locksmiths who engage in dangerous behavior. To help you make sure you hire a safe and trusted locksmith, you should consider the following:
  • Most reliable locksmiths will have properly marked vehicles and should be dressed in professional work clothes that clearly identify the company they work for.
  • You can also check:

Will you damage my car when opening it during a lockout?

No, the tools we use are designed specifically for your vehicle. This does not mean that damage cannot be done with the tool. As long as the person using the tool has been properly trained this shouldn’t be an issue. Be careful of the company you use to open your car. Pop-A-Lock designed specific tools to be able to open vehicles without damaging them. Many hours of research on a variety of cars have been done when designing of tools.

Why should I re-key my house? What does that mean?

Re-keying is the process of changing the key configuration of a lock so all existing and/or old keys will no longer work in the lock. Re-keying is the cheaper alternative to replacing all of your hardware. All lock manufacturers supply 2 keys with every new lock. If you have 8 locks in your house and only 2 keys were supplied to you, you have 6 keys presumably missing or in the hands of someone who shouldn’t have your keys. You will want to re-key your home or business under the following circumstances:
  • You have lost a key to your home or business.
  • You do not want a person or employee who has had access previously to be able to open the locks now.
  • You have moved into a new home or business.
  • You would like for all the keys for your home or business to open using a single key.
  • You have purchased a new lock and want all the other locks to use the same key.

What makes some car and/or motorcycle keys so expensive to make?

Vehicle security like everything else is constantly evolving. Most late model vehicles are now equipped with a type of anti-theft system called transponders. Some vehicles don’t even use a conventional key and lock systems but instead use an electric key fob. In order to program these types of keys/fobs we as locksmiths have to invest in the equipment and training to generate working keys/fobs for these vehicles. Also, the key blanks and fobs themselves are a lot more expensive than your standard key blank. A transponder key is a type of anti-theft device for your vehicle. Basically, it is a chip that is embedded in the head of your key (which is not visible) that receives a signal from your vehicles computer upon starting your car.

 Is it really true that I have to go to the dealer to get the keys to my car made?

Dealerships will tell their customers this because they want you to go through them. Also in most cases, you must tow your vehicle to the dealer to get the key made wasting time and money. By calling a mobile locksmith, you can have someone come directly to your location. Get a QuoteContact Us or Learn More about our Locksmith Services  

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