Does Picking A Lock Damage The Lock Of My Business, Office, or Vehicle?

Being locked out of your business, office, or a vehicle is a stressful experience, even on the best of days. And it always seems to happen at the most inconvenient time – when you’re in a rush to open for employees or clients, or have groceries in the car that need to get to a fridge ASAP, etc.

The best way to get back in quickly and safely is to call a locksmith professional like Pop A Lock Memphis. However, many people are wary of this as they’re afraid the locksmith will damage their lock in the picking process, costing them more money in the end. And, unfortunately, if you aren’t using a reputable locksmith, this can happen.

However, any professional, trustworthy locksmith like Pop A Lock Memphis will know how to pick your lock and get you into your business, office, or vehicle without damaging the lock. You may wonder, how do credible locksmiths pick locks safely and efficiently to help you gain access to your business, office, or vehicle?

How Do Locksmiths Pick Locks?

First and foremost, it’s important to know that when it comes to picking a lock, any credible, professional locksmiths will only use drills as a last resort. Locksmiths at established organizations, such as Pop-A-Lock Memphis, have the training and expertise to help you get back into your business, office, or vehicle quickly and efficiently, without drilling your lock. They carry tools specifically designed to work on almost any lock without causing damage. Upon arrival to your business, office, or vehicle, a credible locksmith will evaluate all locks on external doors to determine which lock will be the easiest to “pick,” and choose this location to work on. After using their tools, a qualified locksmith should be able to get you back inside without any damage to the lock. Be wary of any locksmith who immediately pulls out the drill, especially without evaluating all of the options to get you inside.

The Importance Of Choosing A Reputable Locksmith

Although you may be tempted, stay away from any “DIY” lock picking methods online that claim to save you money and time. These methods will cause damage to the lock, or destroy the lock entirely. Taking the DIY route will lead to spending more money and time in the end, as you will have to hire a professional to install new locks. Common DIY lock picking methods include:

  • Pushing items into the keyhole such as hairpins, bobby pins, or paper clips
  • Using Credit Cards or items with a hard plastic corner
  • Creating a “lock picking” set from household items
  • Using a drill on the lock or doorknob structure
  • Using sharp items such as knives
  • Using soda cans or plastic bottles

How To Find A Credible Locksmith

Only professional technicians can truly pick locks without causing damage. When searching online for locksmiths, be wary of scams and local listings with prices that seem too low. A credible locksmith will have an established website, phone number, and will charge around $100 for a lockout. They should arrive in a marked vehicle and uniform and will be happy to explain all charges upfront after evaluating your personal circumstances.


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